They specialize in Konkani fare. Veg and non-veg are both served. The seafood is highly recommended.

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General Terms & Conditions

* Terms and Conditions Apply ** Prices are subject to availability and subject to change. *** Prices may vary as per seasonality. Cancellation/No-Show Charges: • The amount paid is non-refundable and non-endorsable. • Change of dates will be treated as cancellation. • In case of No Show, the entire amount will be charged as retention.


  • Alcohol Allowed
  • Conference Facilities
  • Parking Space
  • Swimming Pool


Sight Seeing, Relaxing in the beach, visiting the port, hiking, going for a run in the evening, relaxing by the pool or rain dancing.



Pamper and rejuvenate yourself in its inherent beauty of Alibaug. Soak in the magic of nature!

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