Top Tips for a Great Getaway

Planning that vacation which you have been waiting to head off to for a long time now? Can’t wait to escape the hackneyed existence of the daily life? Hold your horses dear travellers.. Before you embark on your dream holiday, take a moment to read this blog and have your things in order. Because its not just about Booking a Resort and noting down the tourist attractions of a particular place- its about being meticulous and keeping the little things in mind that we tend to overlook. So, have a lookie and you’ll know what I mean.

#1 : Leave No Room for Complaints #

When you set your mind for a particular kind of holiday, make sure you plan it smartly. If it’s a luxurious stay you are looking for; then check out accommodations of that kind. If a farm stay or a rural stay is what you have signed up for then expect the baggage that comes along with that. In luxurious resorts you might have to pay through your nose for availing certain facilities that you could enjoy at a more modest stay for much less. When you check in at an offbeat resort understand that compare and contrast won’t get you what you miss nor will it make your stay proper. Certain environs will be the part and parcel of a particular accommodation- so go with an open mind and refrain from unnecessary nitpicking.

#2 : Quit being Finnicky over Food #

It’s good to explore your taste-buds to different cuisines and delicacies of varied regions. That’s the great thing about travelling to new destinations- it gives you a chance to experience the indigenous culture and understand the way of life of a particular place. Expect the local food to be the highlight of whichever lodging you book for yourself. If the food is not how you want it to be then you can suggest some changes to the in-house chef but blatantly disregarding the food that is prepared really does not reflect well on yourself nor on your hosts. It’s all about a bit of compromise. Let your palate be awash with variegated flavors.

#3 : Think Before You Speak #

Travelling is an adventure that everyone must indulge in and must experience the joys of wanderlust. But, while on the road one must be a bit careful and responsible so that you can take home the best memories. While holidaying you have the opportunity to meet a wide range of people which is a great way to interact and maybe make new friends. However, do not warrant too much information to people you’ve met the first time- you don’t want unwanted trouble. Similarly, make sure that whatever it is you want to say should be said in a manner that does not offend somebody nor has any negative interpretations. Pause before you have to say anything- and you are good to go.

#4 : Pack Just Enough #

Here’s the thing about holidaying, you don’t want to end up having to cart huge number of baggage the whole time and end up with a backache or something along those lines. You’re going for a holiday, pack light but pack sufficiently. Make sure to go through the manuals or websites of your destination and the hotels whether they provide all necessary gear for activities such as swimming, trekking, gaming or even such things like mosquito repellent, extra towels, warm clothes and so on. No point carrying summer clothes when you’re going to the hills and vice versa. It’s all about making your trip smooth and hassle free.

#5 : Don’t Trust Blindly #

We don’t want to sound like we are dictating the terms of your holiday but this is one tip that should be emphasized. In times like now when the scenario is not always that hunky dory one should be wary of trusting people whom you have just met on the trip. Like if you need to reach your homestay it’s a good idea to have a copy of their address and directions handy without depending too much on the person driving you there. Another example would be to trust your own instincts above anything- when with new people do not blindly follow them; be smart and be responsible. Remember safety should be one of your primary priorities.

Tips out of the way, now all we can say is that get our your travelling bags and accessories ready as you plan a holiday with your loved ones pronto! Travel Safe, Travel Smart….