These Getaway Gifts to your other half will sweep them off their feet!

With Love From…

Whether you need to pop the question, or you need to express your love or just plain celebrate love, the one thing that you must have is the ambiance. Now, you don’t need an expert to tell you that a place with peace, quiet, cool winds, nippy air, swaying trees, bonfire, mesmerising views and privacy, of course, wins the award for the best romantic getaway! So, if you haven’t booked your getaway yet, it is not too late. But you better do it now! Here is what we think you should book-

# Peeps in Mumbai & Pune #

A private Chalet, overlooking the waters of a dam, candle lit dinner, delectable food and a tranquil ambiance- if this doesn’t give you the urge to book the property, then nothing will! 45 mins from Pune, this chalet has been built with imagination and affection, and we guarantee that it oozes so much love, that you would not want to return. For other Weekend Getaways near Mumbai & Pune, click here.

# Peeps in Bangalore #

When we say Ooty, we hear you say “Been there, done that!”, but what we are actually suggesting is you stay at around 27 kms from Ooty in a town called Emerald. Stay at an estate with majestic views of the Avalanchi hills and lakes. This 150 year old English Countryside style bungalow will give you the joy of backyard living and cozy rooms to make you feel at home! Here you can truly experience the beauty of untouched Nilgiris.

# Peeps in Delhi #

Delhi has a plethora of options when it comes to Romantic Getaways- from the mighty Taj Mahal to the mesmerising Himalayan foothills. What we are hand picking for you is a combination of history, breathtaking views and a cosy hideaway. These classic British colonial bungalows with typical bay windows, verandahs, terraced garden, fire places are what you need for a long due romantic getaway near Delhi. Don’t forget to try the natural and fresh preserves made here!

# Peeps in Chennai #

One of the most romantic and sought after honeymoon destinations is Tranquebar or Tharangambadi, near Pondicherry. This 17th Century bungalow which stands proudly on the beach amidst a 14th century Temple and 17th century Danish fort is a perfect choice for a getaway from Chennai. The decor, ambiance, views and the exemplary staff will definitely make your stay pleasurable. You may have a look at this Homestay in Pondicherry too!

So wrap you gifts with hugs and kisses and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!