Jolly Occasions in June

Another month gone, another month here. It’s like time has vowed to go superfast without stopping or halting anywhere along its infinitely endless journey. But, that does not mean we hurtle through life without giving ourselves a break from the hackneyed lifestyle. To keep giving you enough inspiration to travel and see the country we come up with different reasons to get you infected with the travel bug! Here’s a blog dedicated to the various festivals celebrated during the month of June that you must visit to ensure life is sprinkled with some fun!

#1. Shimla Summer Festival #

Beginning June 1, the Shimla Summer Festival is a 5 day celebration of music, dance and happiness. Every year the state organizes a big bash of sorts bringing in renowned singers from the country and Pakistan and organizing a range of fun filled events such as flower shows where beautiful blooms are on display, dog show that showcases the best of our canine friends as well as a baby show. Held since the 1960s this fest has been a time of much fun and frolic as it brings people together in a festive spirit and ensures everyone has a good time. Book Resorts in Shimla and indulge in summertime jollity!

#2. Sindhu Darshan Festival #

A unique event, the Sindhu Darshan festival commemorates the river Sindhu or Indus which is one of the longest rivers in the world. It was the site of one of the earliest civilization known to mankind and it continues to bring character to India and its neighboring countries. The basic premise of this festival is to encourage people to feel the cord of unity that ties us together as well as celebrate the existence of various cultures and faiths and the distinct diversity that is the USP of the nation by putting forward interesting array of cultural arts and fests. Held between June 12-13 at Ladakh the event also pays homage to all the soldiers who died at the Kargil war. Plan a getaway to Ladakh and experience this one of a kind festival!

#3. Sao Joao Feast of St. John the Baptist #

The most popular festival of Goa which is a fertility festival of Saint John the Baptist, it is a merrymaking time for all the people of the state where there is much revelry, feasting, drinking of the local Feni as well as a rite in which the men of the village jump into wells to retrieve as many Feni bottles as possible. There are many other festivities like boat races, singing and dancing too. Mark the date June 24 on your calender and head here for some much needed happy time! Book Goa Resorts now!

#4. Ganga Dussehra #

The Ganges is the most sacred river in India and is considered a goddess in the Hindu mythology. This festival marks the time when the Goddess Ganga descended on earth for the first time and became a source of water and a source of spirituality to generations of people. Celebrated on the banks of the river at sites such as Varanasi, Haridwar and Rishikesh which are revered pilgrimage centers, this festival is one steeped in tradition and spirituality.

#5. Ladakh International Film Festival #

From June 27-29 at Leh the Ladakh International Film festival is held which is the highest film festival to be organized in the world. It showcases range of films that have environmental issues at their core as well as draw attention to the beauty and responsible tourism potential of Ladakh. They also emphasize on wildlife conservation for which they give away the Snow Leopard Trophy in association with the Snow Leopard Conservancy to the film that best portrayed the cause of an endangered species. Combine adventure with movies during your sojourn to Leh!