Five Cool Party Places in Karjat for you!

You don’t need a reason to party, do you? And if you do, we will give you a reason like no other – Celebrate Life! And the best way to rejoice is to celebrate it with people you love, you family, friends, co-workers…! Now, trust us, your pubs, restaurants, resto-bars and cafes are getting boring. You need to start exploring more options. So here we have a list of Getaways in Karjat which could be your weekend party pads. So, Party away… Yo Yo Honey Singh Style!

# Party on my mind #

There’s a Long weekend soon and you’ve had a busy month. Deadlines, presentations, conferences… All you want to do is escape the stressful humdrum and party away to glory! We’ve handpicked for you a party place that you won’t ignore. This Luxury Villa in Karjat is only a couple of hours away and has all you need for a relaxed get-together. With a plunge pool, terraces with marvellous views, air-conditioned rooms and modern amenities, this is the ultimate party pad. Just ask your friends to tag along and make it one heck of a getaway!

# Party all night #

Sometimes all need for catching up with friends old and new are a few drinks, delectable food and music of your choice. But what if you have all this and a river flowing by, soothing wind and a flawless weather? That’s what we have on offer for you. Visit this Farm House in Karjat with its green lawns, gazebo, outdoor bar, hammock has plenty of seating spaces, so, ”Khoob jamega rang, jab mil baithenge teen yaar…” Moreover, since there are no restrictions on time, you can catch up through the night!

# Break-up Party #

Yes, it is the newest trend on the block. You heard it right; it’s a Break-up Party! And why not, it’s possibly celebrating freedom! Planning on having one already? Have a look at our lavish four bedrooms Bungalow in Karjat with a swimming pool. This bungalow is so spacious and alluring that you can host a massive merrymaking event to get over your past and plunge into a brand new future!

# A for Aao re Aao, B for Bhao na Khao… #

Looking for a rather simple villa for a rocking party? We have a two-bedroom spacious Bungalow in Karjat, which we promise you will love. The bungalow also has a huge lawn and a plantation making it a good choice for an open air party. It is also a worthy option for your cheapskate and saver friends- it is light on the pockets too!

# Party with the Bhootnath #

No, we don’t mean that this property is haunted! But what we suggest is that you have a themed-party! This beautiful abode in Panvel, near Karjat, is spread over a large area with three outhouses and a swimming pool. It is a modest countryside house with rustic features. The highlight of this property is the pool-side deck with a state-of-the-art surround sound system. We can already imagine a plan in the making, because you definitely cannot give this one a miss!

Abhi toh Party shuru hui hai!!!