Five fashion must-haves for your next trip to Goa!

A trip to Goa however long or short has to be relaxing and to add to it fashionable. Goa is contemplated to be the most coolest destination to travel in India. With the world obsessed with social media, can you go to Goa and not upload pictures? You can’t. The pictures need to make the world and yourself feel that you have just returned from Goa. Hence, the need for fashion. After comparing the products on, we bring you the five fashion must-haves for your next trip to Goa.

#1. Hats

Hats are must carry items to Goa! Otherwise, who will protect you from the blazing sun? Besides, hats will add more awesomeness to your look.

#2. Sarongs

You cannot walk down a beach in Goa with anything other than sarongs. Ideally, you can. But, you shouldn’t. Carry at least one sarong on you, you need to raise the temperature of Goa by your hot looks after all!

#3. Sunglasses

Apart from the fact that they will protect your eyes, they will for sure raise your fashion quotient. Buy those trippy, cool blue color wayfarers, they will make you look like a babe in town.

#4. Cocktail Dresses

This is the most essential addition to your bag. If your lucky stars shine bright, you might get asked on a date. And in such a happy moment you cannot afford to have a nothing-to-wear situation. And if not, you can also wear the dress for the special night with the people you’re with. Just wearing the dress will feel you like a superstar!

#5. Red Lipstick

Probably the only makeup item that makes us look from drab to fab in just a moment. Do you need any other reason to carry this little stick of magic?

Goa is a lovely place to travel to. It’s fun and divine at the same time. With the above 5 additions to your bag, the trip to Goa is surely going to rock. Be prepared to get a hot number of likes on the pictures that you upload from the trip. Fun apart, book your cottages or residences on, in advance to avoid dawdling through the streets of Goa with your heavy luggage.