Experiencing Legacy First-hand

Culture. Tradition. Customs. These are not just words; they form the rich tapestry that is India. We may have become modern but our traditions have left an indelible mark in our lives. During celebratory occasions, on auspicious times or simply in certain daily activities we continue to follow and/or perform them. This land has seen many a ruler- each of whom have brought in their own way of life and all these various cultures got assimilated into the melting pot of our country. The relics of the past in the form of palaces, mansion, colonial bungalows, ethnic buildings still remain but which have been renovated to give them a contemporary touch. Yet the time continues to stand still in these relics. Wouldn’t you want to see this legacy and feel it up close? Now you can, presenting top 10 Heritage Homestays of India , in no particular order; that is now at your service.

#1. Emerald Isle-Alleppey #

A 150 yr old property aloof from the stresses of the urban landscape that is situated on an island 10kms from Alleppey- you will be in a natural Elysium as soon you set foot on this estate. Green environs, dancing butterflies, lapping noise of the backwaters, hosts who have retained the ambience and culture that was passed down to them by their ancestors. Come here for the blend of nature and tradition.

#2. The Verandah in the Forest #

Repose in this colonial mansion built by Colonel Barr that perched atop a high elevation will give you a bird’s eye view of the scenic greenery of Matheran. The spacious verandah with whispering trees beside it and the Western Ghats standing tall gives a unique setting. You can almost feel the British officers taking time off here and enjoying a cuppa while reclining in comfort. The rooms also capture the mood as it was back then.

#3. The Pataudi Palace #

Home to two generations of cricketing legends and the subsequent stars of Indian film industry this palace has seen many a decade come and go as well as several significant changes that have rocked India. Now, open to all who want to reside in its luxurious ambience and experience the unbelievable comfort amidst its plush interiors.

#4. The Bungalow on the Beach #

Witness of the winds of change since the 17th century this heritage property in Tamil Nadu is really a beauty to behold. Its whitewashed facade, classic porticoes, sparkling blue swimming pool as well as the carefree beach alongside; drenches the soul and makes you want to stay here forever. Truly a memorable stay this one if you want to go on a beachy retreat.

#5. Le Colonial #

The oldest cabin in all of Asia that was built in 1506 and once was home to Vasco da Gama when he navigated to Indian shores, this beatific property under the shade of palms, an air of romance and colonial charm as well as the treasure trove of Cochin hospitality makes this a distinctively rich property. Breathe in the rich past!

#6. Darbadhgadh Palace #

A palace with its splendid decor, high arched ceilings, luxurious surroundings and overlooking the Macchu river- this is the ultimate word in living life king style. Built by the forward thinking Morbi dynasty this palace now stands as a testament to all things that happened in the bygone era. Experience a stay where elegance is an attitude.

#7. Diggi Palace #

Yet another palace with a history dating back to the 16h century a time that saw the Mughals and Indian Maharajahs co-existing peacefully under Akbar’s reign. Its lovely frescoed walls, colorful bright lights emanating from the facade, exhaustively decorated with the trinkets of the past this mansion gives you a beautiful glimpse into the royal past. Now a hotel welcoming guests in their midst this opportunity shouldn’t be missed for the world.

#8. Barwara Kothi #

Echoing the decadence and the sophisticated form of living that was the societal norm then and continues to be upheld by the Barwara family- this heritage structure with its grace and cultivated beauty beckons all travellers when they Book a Holiday in Jaipur. Beautiful and understated this manor with its manicured lawns, peaceful atmosphere and warm people adorns your vacation indeed.

#9. Thippanahalli Homestay #

In coffee country Chikmagalur with over 230 years of resilience Thippanahalli Homestay offers a homely abode yet one that is steeped in centuries of prosperity. A legacy now passed down to all- to enjoy the verdant beauty, the scenic hills, the pleasant environs making it a sight that cleanses the soul and makes you feel at peace with yourself and the world.

#10. Kothi Heritage #

Wrapping up this segment we present the last but not in any way the least- Kothi Heritage. A palace with a vibrant mix of friezes, delicate lattice work, pretty colors and murals. A simplistic yet charming decor of the place sets it high amongst the slew of newfangled accommodations that have sprung up. Refined surroundings, delicious food and coming with an affordable price tag this heritage property can be your indulging zone.