Excursions of the Eerie Kind

Imagine standing in the middle of a ruined fort, surrounded by tarnished, broken walls that once housed people from a completely different age, but have now been left abandoned for centuries. Or picture yourself alone at night on a quiet, eerie beach where the only sound is the lashing of the waves and the occasional squawking of the seagulls. It does not matter whether you are a believer or a non-believer, there are certain places on earth that are certified ‘spooky,’ because they will invariably make the hair on your arms stand and your mind foggy with hallucinations. So if you are a proud member of the club of lion hearts and are thirsting to go on a daring adventure, here are some of the creepiest places in India that have been officially and unofficially flagged as being haunted by entities from the supernatural world. WARNING! Go no further if you are one of the faint-hearted.

# Bhangarh Fort, Ajabgarh, Rajasthan #

Perhaps the most scariest place in all of India, the Bhangarh fort ruins scream occult from every corner of their foundations. They have all the elements of an archetypal horror story associated with them, starting with a royal Rajput occupation of the palace, a magician’s curse that led to its downfall and subsequent abandonment, and the complete devastation of the town of Bhangarh, that is prominently evident from the fallen structures of the fort, even today. Bravely backed by the Aravalli range, the Bhangarh fort is supposedly a hub of strange, paranormal activities, that have interestingly captured the attention and curiosity of many preternatural zealots. Nevertheless, you can still Plan a Getaway to Ajabgarh and marvel at the rich, 16th century architecture of the havelis, gates and bazaars, the awe-inspiring artistry of the temples and the rich history of the palace, all of which have made the fort an ideal tourist attraction. However, it is strictly prohibited to stay at the fort after sunset as per a warning issued by the Govt., because people who dared to do otherwise, have reportedly disappeared, never to be found again.

# Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat #

The solitude and serenity of a beach may not always arouse the feeling of romance and restfulness, but instead, may sometimes incite fear and trepidation because of its supernormal ambiance . This is particularly true in case of the mysterious Dumas beach, near the bustling city of Surat in Gujarat. As the story goes, many Hindu families incinerate their dead at the beach and as a result, the spiritual presence of these dead people can be felt in the very atmosphere of the beach, So much so, that many people have reportedly heard muffled whispers, especially when there is a strong wind blowing. Not many dare to stay at the beach after the sun goes down as quite a few unexplained disappearances have been reported in the area. Don’t take our word for it? Book a resort in Surat and explore the mysterious beach yourself.

# The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune, Maharashtra #

Ancient India was a land of mysteries. However, some of these enigmas have followed us through time, and still continue to fascinate us and give us chills. One such mysterious site is the historical Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune, Maharashtra. Built by the Peshwa rulers, the fort has some truly impressive gates, palaces, fountains and gardens enclosed within its complex. Many important structures were destroyed by an unexplained fire and the remaining ones have now been preserved as a tourist attraction. But today, it is more famously known for the hair-raising story associated with it. It is believed that a 13 year old prince was brutally stabbed to death by one of his relatives in the palace, and who now haunts the premises of the fort; screaming for help at every full moon night! The story has been validated by many locals and hence, has resulted in the fort being classified as one of India’s most haunted places.

# Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal #

At the outset, nothing about this small, serene township seems suspicious or sinister. But one stroll in the eerie forest of Dow Hill and you will never be able to shake the uncanny feeling away till you are in town. According to a local legend, the forest has been witness to one too many murders and has since, been a host to paranormal activities, which have apparently resulted in several unexplained accidents. In fact, if you are “lucky,” you may even get to see the infamous headless boy that some woodcutters claim to have seen, often during their trips to the forest. Another popular myth involves the Victoria Boys High School, which is believed to be haunted by multiple spirits whose footsteps can be heard from the vacant corridors of the school, especially during holiday months from December to March. So, now that you know which are the best months to visit this ghostly yet picturesque town, Book a Homestay accordingly.

So here they are! Some of the most spine-tingling places in India, waiting to scare you out of your wits! Our only advice to you, visit at your own risk…