Homestays in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is spellbinding panorama in itself! If you’re looking for an exciting and fun-filled getaway, a Chandigarh homestay is just what you need! This beautiful city offers a gamut of activities to do and places to visit! Rejoice in the calm of the Sukhna Lake, or marvel at vast acres of Chandigarh’s lush green farms! Get your taste of Punjabi tadka, meet the zealous and spirited Punjabis! Relish their butter-laden delicacies! Ready for it? Book your homestays in Chandigarh! Aaho!

Chandigarh Homestays – About Chandigarh

Budget homestays in Chandigarh are excellent for a fun vacation. As the First Planned City in India post-Independence, Chandigarh displays brilliant urban design and modern architecture. Pre-historic Chandigarh was a home to the Harappans; the contemporary city is the backdrop for the Capitol Complex, conceived by Le Corbusier, the acclaimed French architect. Named after the Goddess Chandi, Chandigarh has evolved as the haven for flourishing arts, dance and theatre. Situated at the foothills of the imposing Shivalik Hills, Chandigarh has steadily gained popularity as a tourist destination. Amidst mulberry and mango trees, Chandigarh’s singularity lies in the co-existence of tranquillity and urban life! Book homestays in Chandigarh now!

Sightseeing in Chandigarh

The marvellous planning of Chandigarh is a curious analogy of the human body! The Garden of Fragrance, Botanical Garden, Bougainvillea Park along innumerable other gardens are the ‘lungs’, while the Capitol Complex is the ‘head’, and so and so forth! Look at incredible collections of stone sculptures of the Gandhara Kingdom at the Government Museum and Art Gallery, or indulge in the ‘aqua dance’ at FunCity in Ramgarh! If you crave for more excitement, check out the thrilling rides at Thunderzone! Have a look at the Spanish, German, or Korean dolls at the International Dolls Museum, during your Chandigarh homestay. For wild-life enthusiasts, there is absolutely no dearth of places to explore! Book your homestays in Chandigarh online!

Chandigarh Culture, Climate & Cuisine

Chandigarh’s effervescence and excitement is contagious! Chandigarh homestays are bound to bring that spring in your step, with its boisterous Gidda and Bhangra! Its climate is as prismatic as the city – the best time to visit is between August to November. Don’t be too surprised if you’re hungry for more Dal Makhani, Sarson da Saag, and Amritsari Fish. Budget homestays in Chandigarh are just a click away! Make your bookings for a homestay in Chandigarh